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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are your ingredients non-toxic?

   YES! Everything is plant-based 

2. How long is shipping?

    Orders placed on Friday, the Weekend, or a Holiday will be processed the following week M-F. Shipping takes  5-7 Business days. 

3. I have a question about my order, how should I contact you?

Email is a top choice to contact me - send all emails to! If you're on social media a lot (like myself -lol) Instagram is a good choice as well! Send a DM to @sohp_products with your questions

4. The product that I want to buy is not showing up on the site?

If the product isn't showing up as an option, or there is a strike through that means it is currently out of stock at the moment. The only options that are available are those that can be clicked. 

Thanks! We'll chat soon. Please allow 1-2 business days for response.

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