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6 Tips for SMART Supermarket Shopping

Food shopping is hands down one of my favorite things. I honestly love it more than going to the mall, lol. I believe there’s a method to the perfect supermarket experience. When I go to the market, I might have a general idea of what I want to make for at least one meal for the week. However, I’m overall consistent with all trips to the market, even when spending under $20. Here are my tips that I use to have a successful shopping experience.

  1. Shop in the produce section first: Fresh fruits and veggies are a must. My go to vegetables are always spinach, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes, zucchini. Fruits are always bananas, pink lady apples, pineapples (pre-cut), strawberries, mangoes, and oranges (depending on the season).

  2. Get non-dairy dairy replacements (if needed): Almond milk (sweetened or unsweetened), dairy free butter, non-dairy yogurt, and plant-based cheese.

  3. Grab a couple of can items: beans (black or kidney), diced tomatoes, and coconut milk

  4. Look for dry pantry essentials: peanut butter (all natural), pasta, oatmeal, and cereal

  5. Check out the frozen section for meat free and frozen items: Some fruits and veggies (depending on the season) and meat free substitutes.

  6. Find something to snack on: Usually I’m starving when I get to the supermarket, so everything looks good lol. I try to just pick one thing that I really want, which is usually junk food.

Sticking to these tips you’re guaranteed to have a couple of meals for the week. You can also use these tips for a meal prep guide. Put any of these together and you can have a combination of meals and snacks.

I hope these tips help!

Daymeia Denise

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