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Birthday Garden Party

Self-care at it's finest!

As you saw on my Instagram I had an amazing party with close friends for my birthday. Every year I usually have a party to celebrate my birthday with friends, because you know - Leo Energy, lol. But this year because of covid and self growth, I wanted to have an intimate gathering with people I love, doing the things that I love.

I read in one of my Better Homes and Garden's magazine about flower arranging at home and I instantly got excited. Everything was so interesting to me that I knew right from that moment that I wanted to have an arrangement making party for my birthday.

First, I was going to go to Trader Joe's to get my flowers because they're usually inexpensive and always in abundance. But as I was running late, as usual lol, I made a stop to the Local Produce Junction. I was pleasantly surprised that they had an abundance of different local flowers. I wanted bright flowers of different textures, heights, hues, etc.

I ended up buying around 8 bundles of flowers and greenery's. I spent a total of, are you ready??? $46 DOLLARS on enough flowers to make 7 arrangements. I bought the vases from the dollar store, along with the table cloth. I got the baskets holding the flowers from Michael's on sale and some flower foam that we didn't use that I will use for a later date!

Do me a favor get some of your girlfriends, grab some wine, and have an arranging party!

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