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Buffalo Chicken Egg Rolls

Okay so guys I have this amazing air fryer from simple living products (click the link!) and the first meal I decided to make was Buffalo Chicken Eggs Rolls (vegan of course).

The recipe is really simple and really good!

It takes around 40 minutes (give or take) to prep and cook.



Meatless chicken tenders (I used Aldi's brand - Earth Grown)

Hot Sauce (whatever your preference I used Crystal)

Butter (Vegan or non vegan I prefer earth balance or any that's dairy free)

Vegan Mozzarella (I used Aldi's brand)

Seasonings - pepper, onion salt, garlic salt (whatever you prefer)

Egg Rolls (I used Nasoya)

Kitchen Utensils

Cutting board




Air fryer

Measuring cup


1. Thaw out chicken tenders (follow directions on package)

2. Once the chicken is thawed cook it in your air fryer for 10 minutes on 400 degrees - the chicken should be crispy and a little browned (be careful not to overcook the chicken)

3. When the chicken is done set aside and let the chicken cool

4. While the chicken is cooling mix 5 tbsp of hot sauce and 2 tbsp of butter into a microwave safe bowl - heat for about 1 minute (after the first 30 seconds stir the mixture and heat up until it's fully melted. If it's already melted no need for the second heating)

5. Cut up the chicken into pieces

6. Once the chicken is cut pour it into the bowl with the sauce mixture and mix together until the chicken is completely coated. (If it looks a little dry add more hot sauce and butter)

7. Once chicken is completely coated add your seasonings (season to taste) and cheese mix up completely

8. Put bowl aside and prep egg rolls - I completed this step using my cutting board - follow directions on package for rolling

9. Place filling inside egg rolls add extra hot sauce if you really like things spicy - follow directions on package for rolling

10. Set your air fryer to 400 degrees and 8 minutes

11. Cook the egg rolls for 4 minutes on each side

12. Let rolls cool, slice in half, and enjoy with your favorite dipping sauce - ranch or blue cheese!

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