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Decorating with plants

Updated: Jul 31, 2018

Plants! How many of us love them? If you were an 80’s hip hop fan you probably get the reference I made. If not, you realized I love plants lol. When it comes to home décor I use plants for a pop of color, a natural component, design aesthetic, and an air cleanser. Plants are a must in my apartment, I always want to buy them when I’m out. So much so that my boyfriend bans me from buying them at times.

Below I’m going to list a few helpful plant buying tips to help brighten your space.

When buying plants:

Always buy low maintenance plants: If you’re not a plant expert make sure you read the description and proper way to care for the plants. This will help you to eliminate killing the plants so early.

Look for small-medium sized plants: These are usually easier to take care of. Also, when they’re watered it takes a while to evaporate so if you forget to water them they’ll be okay for a couple of days.

Bamboo plants are very low maintenance. I have a couple around the apartment.

Look for leafy plants:

In my opinion plants with a lot of leaves and stems are easy to take care of and they always look fresh and lively.

Decorating with plants:

Spruce up boring spaces: I add plants to window seals all over my apartment. They help add color to an otherwise bland place. It also helps because we’ve been too lazy to add curtains to our windows.

Add more color: When decorating with plants green isn’t the only color you can add to your space. You can use your flower pots to maximize your color options. Most of mine are neutral colors that adds or minimizes the plants effect in the room.

The aloe plant in the Buddha head is one of my favorites, it's easy to cut a piece off when you need it.

Find interesting statement pieces: While shopping for plant holders I always look for things that catch my eye. It can take me awhile to find the perfect planter for certain rooms, but I believe that you shouldn’t rush decorating.

Snake plants are a must for my bathrooms. They look fresh and are extremely low maintenance.

I hope these tips are helpful in your beginning stages of welcoming plants into your home! Let me know how you decorate with plants!


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