Shea Butter should be in everyone's body care routine! Babies too!


That's why I'm proud to share the new Mommy & Me Shea Butter Collection! Perfect for you and baby's night time routine! Our Sweet Dreams blend will help you and baby get ready for a night of Sweet Dreams! It's infused with - Lavender, Chamomile, Orange, and Clary Sage Oils that will leave your skin feeling hydrated buttery! Use it everyday for optimal results. 


Benefits of Essential Oils

-Lavender Oil not only helps you fall asleep but can help improve the overall quality of rest 

-Chamomile Oil has a lot of great qualities. It can help soothe anger, irritability, and agitation 

-Orange Oil helps to give you an anti-anxiety effect that’s great for helping you fall asleep  

-Clary Sage Oil can help provide a calming effect to help you fall and stay asleep


Benefits of Shea Butter

-Moisturizes dry skin

-Restores the elasticity of skin

-Rich in vitamins A and E

Mommy & Me Shea Butter

  • Unrefined Shea Butter, Grape Seed Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Neem Oil, and Vitamin E.