Read about our 2 types of toner


Signature Toner

The purpose of using toner is to complete the cleansing skin, by removing any dust, pollution (smoke, smog and other chemical residues), and impurities that can remain after washing your face.


Toners also help balance the pH level of your skin.


Facial toners can help tighten your pores, allowing less oils and toxins to come into your skin.


Because they can help remove oil buildup, residue and dead skin cells, toners assist in reducing the number of blemishes and acne you may have and work to prevent future breakouts.


Rosewater Toner

If you're in need of a little extra tlc for your face, the new rose water toner is just for you!! I know some toners can be a little rough on sensitive skin and I'm glad to say this toner is not. It's perfect for all skin types, smells amazing, and has lasting effects on your skin.


Still not convinced? Read this..


  • Rosewater can help maintain the skin's pH balance, and control excess oil
  • Rosewater is anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and an antioxidant
  • Rosewater is a great cleanser and helps in removing oil and dirt in clogged pores


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  • Signature toner: Water, Witch Hazel, Apple Cider Vinegar, Tea Tree Oil, Rose Hip Oil, Chamomile Oil

    Rosewater: Rosewater, Rosemary Oil